Reality Based Scenario Training

I have seen reality based training work and work well.

First a definition:

Reality Based Scenario Training is any training that requires learners to apply knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA ) to a particular set of facts.

It is my duty to train realistically and effectively.  Effective training incorporates findings from leading research, prepares learners for the job and uses time and resources effectively.

MoBu utilizes adult learning theory as well as Blooms Taxonomy for its preferred learning style.

Adult Learning Theory States Adults are:
Autonomous and self-directed.
Have knowledge and experience
Are Goal oriented
Are Relevancy oriented.
Are Practical.
Demand respect.

Blooms Taxonomy:  Learning Domains are Cognitive, Psychomotor and affective with hierarchies within each domain.  The four dimensions include Processing (Active/ Reflective) Perception (Sensing/Intuitive) Input (Visual/Verbal) and Understanding (Sequential/ Global)

MoBu prepares LEARNERS for the job:

Pivotal Decision making in specific scenarios:
Requires discretion
Requires multi-tasking.
Requires autonomy and teamwork
Involves novelty and complexity.

In addition decision making can be time pressured, involve incomplete information and may be high stakes.  In this case the outcome IMPROVES WITH EXPERIENCE.  Often decision makers will conduct an initial size up, pick one plausible course of action and then respond to feedback.