Educational Arts Integration


Arts integration for education is a passion of both Monika and Fred.  To provide children who have few opportunities for live cultural events with experiences that will introduce them to a world of art, music and literature in an approachable way is a mission of MoBu Creative.

Monika turns talent into live storytelling of original tales she has penned herself as well as beloved classics such as Where the Wild Things Are.  Add the collaboration of Fred’s music and you have an experience like none other.

Monika is a writer as well as a performer and can tailor an arts integration experience to any situation for a classroom, school or other group situation.  She pulls in her audience and increases knowledge retention of subject matter by creating a variety of sensory pathways for the content to be integrated into the brain.  Using her talents as an augmentation of content delivered in the classroom will help students retain that content.

All of the Arts Integration work they do is adaptable to standards and benchmarks.

Additionally, bringing the talents of Monika and Fred to your group will provide opportunities for children and adults alike to enjoy a cultural experience and thereby enrich lives.