What We Do

Educational Arts Integration

We look for creative and engaging ways to bring performance art, combined with some visual art elements to children and adults.  The arts are somewhat neglected in our current education system and yet, art is what enriches us as humans.  To improve the cultural experiences of children through the schools or in other venues, we create original performances using –

Drama and Music


Dance and Body Movement

We encourage self expression through participation in the performance and creation of original art by the children

We celebrate creativity

We teach

Contact us today to discuss how we can bring a performance to your school or organization.



Reality Based Training

Professional actors are a critical component of any effective reality based training program.  Monika’s expertise in this area has included hours of training State Police officers, particularly in situations with the mentally impaired.  She co-authored the curriculum currently in use by the state of New Mexico for teaching actors to be effective in training situations.  NM HB 93 mandates training with a professional actor for all State Police.  Monika has made this more possible through the curriculum to ensure more actors are capable of doing this work.

Monika is a Certified Crisis Intervention Team Trainer

A Treatment Guardian of two mentally impaired individuals

Active in working with disability rights

Completely knowledgeable in the entire mental health process when engaged with state intervention

Monika will be able to provide organizations who need crisis intervention training with training plan and be able to facilitate the implementation of that plan.

This is particularly helpful for law enforcement, public safety departments, health care organizations, dementia care facilities, amongst others.  If you feel your organization would benefit from this type of training, or any other reality based training program, contact Monika to discuss the details.